Cologne: 26.–28.11.2024 #PMRExpo

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Secure communication plays a decisive role in authorities and organisations with security and safety tasks. Emergency situations are often a matter of life and death. In the future, innovative technologies will continue to play an important role in ensuring reliable, secure and up-to-date communication for the police, fire brigade, emergency and rescue services.

Further develop BOS digital radio and adapt it to the needs of the BOS

Digital radio provides a secure and readily available speech and data communication solution. It is characterised by very good speech quality, security against interception, individual, group and emergency communication, data communication and a series of important security and performance features. Public network operators cannot offer this at a comparable level of security and with the same availability. However, in the face of new challenges, it is essential to further develop digital radio and adapt it to current needs.

New technologies – improved communicatio

Technological progress results in new possibilities for improving BOS communication. One example of this is the introduction of mobile broadband networks for mission-critical applications – for example, on the basis of LTE and 5G standards. The use of mobile broadband networks enables the organisations to work more effectively and efficiently, as the rapid transmission of data and information can enhance resource optimisation and shorten reaction times. Broadband networks also offer expanded security functions like encoding, authentication, and access control as well as improved monitoring and analysis through the rapid evaluation of real-time data.