Cologne: 26.–28.11.2024 #PMRExpo

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The industries & thematic areas of the PMRExpo 2024

Mission- and security-critical communication in transformation

Secure communication is of elementary importance to enable critical applications for authorities and companies. Professional users require smooth speech and data communication under all conceivable conditions. The classic deployment areas for security-critical communication include the control of operational processes, emergency operations, surveillance tasks and data applications. It is essential for the police, fire brigade, emergency services and other authorities and organisations with security and safety tasks, as well as in areas like airports, energy suppliers, supply and waste disposal, industry, local public transport and municipal companies.

In recent years, the requirements for security-critical communication have become more diverse and complex: professional communications solutions and innovative technologies are required. The dangers of cyber-attacks, acts of sabotage, extreme weather events or industrial espionage are omnipresent. As a result, the importance of security-critical communication and resilient infrastructures is also increasing. Secure and readily available connectivity of sensors and applications also plays a key role in the framework of the coming digitalisation of the state and the economy. PMRExpo provided a forum for these and other topics.

Control centres

Control centres play a central role within the complete spectrum of mission-critical communication. And their importance is growing. Control centres are also decisive in times of crisis. They face immense challenges given the technological, political, economic and environmental developments.

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For authorities and organisations with security and safety tasks, secure and readily available speech and data communication is of decisive importance. This is because emergency situations are often a matter of life and death. Continuous development and adaptation of the technologies used play an important role in ensuring reliable and secure communication for police, fire brigade, emergency and relief services.

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Operators of critical infrastructures

Companies that operate critical infrastructures play a decisive role in the preservation of public order and economic capability. Innovative technologies and solutions are required to address challenges such as protection against cyber-attacks, safeguarding sensitive information, and complying with security standards and regulations.

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Private broadband networks

Companies and authorities require the highest levels of security and reliability for voice and data transmission. The increasing presence of data applications in this environment calls for autonomous concepts and an infrastructure adapted to individual needs.

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5G and 5G campus networks

Reliable and flexible digitalisation requires secure and readily available mobile communications. With 5G, a technology is available that is essential for the digitalisation of companies. 5G is the enabler for many new digital technologies and applications.

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