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5G and 5G campus networks

Europe needs secure and readily available mobile communications. With 5G, a technology is available that is of decisive importance for the digitalisation of BOS, industry, and companies - and especially those that are part of critical infrastructures.

5G is the prerequisite for many new digital technologies and applications. Especially important here are 5G campus networks. Under the term "5G campus network", we understand a geographically limited, local mobile phone network that is tailored to special requirements like industrial communication.

Flexibilisation of processes

5G campus networks offer a variety of advantages across sectors and provide very good prerequisites for future innovations. In industry, 5G enables, for example, wireless data transmission from machines, and thus the quick and flexible adaptation of production processes. Secure, driverless transport systems and the related highly flexible transport processes can be realised.

The use of data glasses enables a digital expansion of information for employees. This results in the facilitation and acceleration of work processes.

Also important to mention is the theme of predictive maintenance for the minimisation or elimination of operational interruptions. As a result, these exemplary applications allow a high degree of flexibility and considerable cost savings through a significant increase in efficiency in the company.

Stronger networking reduces security risks

Constantly increasing networking is a phenomenon of digitalisation and cannot be prevented as such. The use of dedicated, self-contained, locally limited campus networks considerably reduces the risk of major damage. Data security and data sovereignty is also improved considerably.

With an autonomous campus network, it is possible for the company data to remain entirely on one's own campus. And the owners or users of a campus network can themselves determine which data they make available externally and which external data they allow into the network. This also applies for the protection of the campus network from cyber-attacks.

Set up for the future

An own 5G campus network is future-proof, because the company itself has control and can adapt the network according to requirements. It offers exclusive access to the full network capacity through a licensed frequency band and enables an individual network design that is exactly coordinated with one's own needs. Availability, reliability, security and data sovereignty stay in one's own hands, which is an advantage in the face of increasing security requirements for the communications infrastructure. With one's own campus network, company data can remain completely on the grounds, which improves data security and data sovereignty.